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The Biteage Kid

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I was not the treasure. [Sep. 4th, 2006|12:41 am]
The Biteage Kid
[Current Music |"Truth Doesn't Make a Noise"]

Something is bothering me that hasn't bothered me in a long time.

I feel like a conquest. I was obtained for a moment, for a fraction of a day, and that's all you were concerned with. I doubt you even remember it happened. I'm just another name on your list.

I didn't want you, but I desperately wanted you to want me. You don't care, and you never, ever did.


Best friends forever. Ha. I hope things are better when high school comes to a close. That's all the hope I have left.

I joked about it, I acted like it was so humourous. "I'm just picking up my rain check! Finally, a breath of fresh air!" It's not funny anymore, though. It's starting to tear me to bits.

I'm going to be sick.